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  • Technicial Bulletin

    In need of a product that will last in the harshest environments and conditions? Well, these FloMAX High Flow connectors are available in a variety of colour-coded non-interchangeable Nozzle and Receiver sets. This design helps prevents cross-contamination of fluids of non-mating connectors. The connectors are manufactured using 100% metal components. All wear components are Stainless Steel and the non-wear components are aircraft grade anodized aluminium. The billet aluminium caps are O-Ring sealed for greater contaminant resistance.

    MAX Flow Rate: 113 GPM (using ISO 46 Hydraulic Oil)



    SIZE: 1″ NPT Male & Female Threaded Connectors


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  • Delta International Sales announces its new South African sales partnership with Industrial Fluid Solutions (IFS)

    IFS have the sole distribution rights for German based single point lubricator manufacturer GreaseMax in South Africa.  GreaseMax will be an important part of IFS’s national expansion strategy.

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  • A turbo cover is just a turbo cover, right? WRONG.


    Not only is fitting a turbo cover a “peace of mind” investment, but according to the guys at Infinity Thermal Innovations it will actually increase horsepower.


    According to studies conducted in 2014 by Steffen Bickle at the University of Texas, making use of a high efficiency turbo cover can lead to an increase in turbo speed and reduced turbo lag. This is achieved by retaining more energy in the pressurisation circuit of the turbo charger which results in higher boost pressures throughout the rpm range while at the same time maintaining optimum turbo temperatures.

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  • Technical Bulletin

    We are so EXCITED about the latest FloMAX stock consignment arriving in July as we have a bulk order of the FNBL fuel nozzles arriving and they have been anodized GREEN just for us so be sure to check them out when they arrive!

    These “beauts” are still of top quality and certain to deliver over 682 LPM and keep all users with a big smile on their face!

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  • The future of fluid handling is... multi coloured


    In fact, if it was up to Industrial Fluid Solutions, the future of fluid handling solutions would be eyeball searing!

    The logic behind this kaleidoscopic approach to fluid management lies in product differentiation in the fight against contamination and to further elaborate on an age-old concept that prevention is better than cure.

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  • Fluid delivery over challenging terrain - The Tankkraft Fluid Carrier

    Canted water Bowser


    With the rise of the junior miner, agility has become the game changer on the African mining scene. Being able to adapt and be more versatile now offer advantages over pure bulk capacity it seems.

    With over 1600 junior mining companies listed globally, there comes a need to cater for this flood of new entries to the mining arena, Tankkraft Truck bodies have scaled their offering to focus on the chassis cab style fluid carrier solutions rather than the off-road platform commonly known.

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  • Take cognisance of your environmental footprint


    Environmental impact through hydrocarbon contamination in mining is of increasing concern these days. It is estimated that more than two hundred million gallons of used oil is wasted or incorrectly disposed of each year (Source: American Petroleum Institute) therefore, the time is now to start reconciling your lubricant usage and to deploy safe and reliable disposal with the purpose of conserving natural resources and improving energy efficiency.

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