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  • Is our Superhero suffering a midlife crisis?

    The midlife crisis..... It's a well-known phenomenon prevalent amongst men of a certain age when the hairline recedes and the station wagon is replaced by a convertible.

    Apparently, even superheroes suffer from this curious condition, I mean Clark Kent did, so it must be real!

    And so the popular IFS Service Truck fondly named after a superhero also recently got treated to a mid-life make-over. Here are the details.....

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  • Grease Couplers that can handle the pressure

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  • Problems with water contaminating grease?

    Problems with water contaminating grease?

    Water contamination of grease is a problem that is generally not well understood. It has a major impact on bearing life. There are causes other that the obvious problem of bearings being in wet conditions - Bearings in hot dry conditions can be affected. 


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  • Technical Bulletin November 2019

    Lumier® control systems provide a central information hub for peripheral systems on mobile & stationery equipment. One area where these systems really shine is terrain monitoring on mobile equipment. Our bi- and quad laser systems are installed to measure, report and warn operators on surrounding terrain. They are integrated with an on-board full colour touch screen display.

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  • The Spill on Coco Peat

    Coco Husk Peat Absorbent is a revolutionary, state of the art oil and hydrocarbon absorbent made from the highest grade of Coco Husk.

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  • Technical Bulletin October 2019

    The Reelcraft 9000 series Hose Reels are new to our stock range. It can hold up to 15m of ½” hose which makes it a big and beautiful lady.

    Reelcraft's spring retractable fuel delivery reels, equipped with Viton seals, incorporate metal forms to insure the greatest possible strength and are ideal for mobile and permanent-mount applications. These rugged, corrosion-resistant reels are suitable for a wide variety of fuel applications including E85.